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A Tennessee native, Chester Shrum moved to Nashville in 1968. He went to work for H.G. Hill's as a cashier, moving up to produce manager. He left H.G. Hill's and went to Sealtest Ice Cream, where he worked for two years. Chester then began working for Sunbeam Bakery in Nashville. He stayed for ten years as a route salesman and later promoted to supervisor.

The core business started in the 1980's. On Chester's day off, he would find and pick up scrap metal, aluminum cans, car parts, batteries, and old appliances. He would then take them to the local recycling plant. In time, he got a pickup truck and began doing this regularly in his spare time.

In 1986, Chester decided this could become his full time job. He gave his notice at Sunbeam Bakery, and started what is now Shrum Parts and Core Supply, LLC. operating now under the name Shrum Auto Salvage, LLC. Most recently, State Line Auto Parts, LLC was added to the business, and run by Chester's youngest son, John Shrum.


Shrum's is proudly a family owned and run business. Chester and his wife Terrie, as well as their children- Lee, Annette, John, and Allison, and their grandson Luke, make up Shrum's Auto Salvage and Core Supply. 

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